APGC Seminar: in collaboration with Green Bioactives

Speaker bio:

Gary Loake, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer.

With an illustrious academic career spanning the USA, China, Europe, and the UK, Gary, the mind behind Green Bioactives, cherishes the chance to transform groundbreaking plant science research into tangible commercial products. In doing so, he champions sustainable methods that not only respect but also rejuvenate our world.

About Green Bioactives:

People. Planet. Progress.

Green Bioactives is dedicated to creating a profound positive change in the world by crafting sustainable, plant-based products through our avant-garde biomanufacturing platforms.

Plant vascular stem cells (VSCs) possess the inherent ability to differentiate into distinct primary plant tissues, both functionally and structurally. By leveraging our expertise in creating optimal environments, we can culture these stem cells to yield specific bioactive molecules naturally found in whole plants.

Our founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Gary Loake, conceived Green Bioactives with the vision of supplanting current non-sustainable extraction methods and introducing superior, cost-effective bioactives to the market.

Our Vision:
Green Bioactives envisions enhancing lives through sustainable, plant-sourced natural products. Our roadmap to this goal is underpinned by our groundbreaking Plant Cell Culture Technology, which we utilise to innovate and produce niche natural ingredients sustainably.

Key Interests of the Company: