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APGC welcomes project to develop precision breeding pipeline in potato

The Advanced Plant Growth Centre are pleased to announce a new research project working in…
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Blog: Embracing Opportunities – The James Hutton Institute and APGC’s Path Forward in Light of COP28 Outcomes

As the world’s attention turned to the pressing issues of climate change at COP28, particularly…
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Growing protein rich crops in a healthy environment is key to the future of UK food security

Vertical farming consortium secures UK Government funding to advance low-emission, low cost food production in the UK.

V-FAST consortium backed by Innovate UK and the Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council. A…
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Scotland is ready for the phenomic revolution

In the year 2000, advances in technology enabled us to identify a plant’s complete DNA…
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Safeguarding crop storage research in the UK

The Crop Storage and Post-harvest Solutions (CSPS) facility network spans across three strategic locations within…
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Hutton’s Advanced Plant Growth Centre strengthens its leadership team with new deputy director

The James Hutton Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Robert Hancock as…
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APGC response to the UK parliamentary net zero report

At the Advanced Plant Growth Centre (APGC), we are excited to unveil our new state-of-the-art…
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£800k Government Grant for Broccoli Protein Upcycling Consortium

UPP, the harvesting technology and broccoli proteininnovator has led a consortium of AgriFoodTech researchers and…
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